Wedding Favours

Delicious and extraordinary coffee as your ‘Thank You’ gift

With a beautiful, personalized label and tasteful, fresh-roast-coffee your wedding guests appreciate and savour your wedding gift.  Enjoying 10 cups of aromatic, tasteful coffee, they reflect on the wedding memories that you gave them too.

Brightening all their senses through coffee you remind your family and friends of the wonderful moments of your special day.

First, we create your unique gift packaging.

Second, we freshly roast your coffee which is our signature dark brown blend.

Third, we grind the beans ready.

Finally, with a experience and love we assemble your gift perfectly for each of your guests.

Sachet gifts are $3 (no tax appl.)*


Chocolate Covered Beans

Gift sachets with your personalized, monogram label and our quintessential, chocolate covered coffee beans!  T he same excellent and fresh roasted beans with superb dark chocolate...

Sachet gifts are $2.75 (+ hst)


Pass to us the details for your 'thank you' sachet and we take care of the quality and delight in every one of your wedding favours.

Please phone: 1 888 224-2233 or use our direct email:  and meet us in Notre-Dame (3935, route 115) or, Moncton (666, St. George Blvd.)

Down East Coffee Roasters - Let love brew! - Memory-making packages for your special day

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And we wish you the very best for all of your preparations.


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