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Coffee Blending

Down East blendingBlending is one of our great pleasures at Down East Coffee. It takes skill, experience, and the artful balancing of coffee characteristics to make blends which are greater than the sum of their extraordinary parts. Blends created by our roastmaster range from light and delicate to deep and rich with character to please even the most discerning palate and suit your every mood. Many of our blends came about in collaboration with the ‘Centre d’études acadiennes – Université de Moncton’ and have been created and named to honour Atlantic traditions and history.

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espressoEspresso Blends are our speciality. The strength and intensity of espresso requires that each component of the blend must complement the others without overwhelming. Our espresso blends can also be brewed in any coffee maker with the appropriate grind, producing a complex, balanced, dark and rich cup.

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