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Brewing and Storing Coffee


The real key to great brewing is using filtered fresh cold water and a scrupulously clean coffeepot. Machine cleanliness is critical to prevent build-up of coffee oils and lime scale. Never guess the amount of coffee to use! Determine “your right measure”. As a guide, we recommend using 2/3 cup of ground coffee per 50-60oz pot of a household machine. Ideally, coffee should be drunk right after brewing and certainly within 20 minutes of being made. A warmed thermal carafe will keep coffee fresh longer.


The biggest threats to the coffee aroma are oxygen and humidity. Store your coffee in a dry place away from other aromas. Keep it in its original package and sealed or in a tightly sealed jar. Since coffee remnants become rancid after some time, it is important to regularly wash your coffee jar. Whole beans keep fresh longer than ground coffee.