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Aroma Nica Melado Honey

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Shade grown by the Fiallos family of Nicaragua

Dark brown roast. Melado varietal. 
Semi washed. Honey like sweetness.

For over a decade, Down East Coffee has had a direct trade relationship with the Fiallos family of Nicaragua. Of rare quality, our Aroma Nica coffee beans produce great results when roasted brown, medium dark and black. Each type of roast offers distinct taste profiles and characteristics, all of which are delightful with exquisite aroma.

These coffees are produced traditionally in a community of small coffee growers in Nicaragua. All Aroma Nica varieties are grown under the shade canopy of the natural jungle without the use of herbicides and pesticides. The coffee is picked by hand to ensure the correct ripeness and uniformity of the cherry. Once harvested, there is no substitute like the mountain sun for drying the coffee beans. The Fiallos Family has a long history of coffee as their livelihood. Their community is pulled together by coffee, where women and men take pride in their expertise of the coffee production. We then take pride in roasting and sharing these wonderful Aroma Nica coffees with you.